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Updates on the VA Final Rule and NDAA Workforce Amendment

American Ambulance Association

House Passes Language to Stop FY2025 Start of VA Final Rule On June 5, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the FY2025 MilCon-VA-Related Agencies Appropriations bill. Included in the bill […] The post Updates on the VA Final Rule and NDAA Workforce Amendment appeared first on American Ambulance Association.

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What Do You Need for True Interoperability?


EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally appeared on Special thanks to our guest author, John Erich, for EMS1 BrandFocus Staff. __ Technologies require these four attributes to unite all the players in emergency response In many ways, the response to the November 2022 Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs was textbook. Police received the first call from inside the club at 11:56 p.m., got there at midnight and had the shooter—who had been subdued by club patrons— in custody by 12:02 a.m.


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Share Your Message of Support for Families of Fallen EMS Heroes

American Ambulance Association

The all-volunteer National EMS Memorial Service honors EMS professionals who have died in the line of duty. Write your message of sympathy for the families of the 2024 honorees below, […] The post Share Your Message of Support for Families of Fallen EMS Heroes appeared first on American Ambulance Association.

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Chest pain with serial ECGs – can you guess the sequence?

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog

Written by Jesse McLaren A 45-year-old presented with 24 hours of intermittent chest pain. Below are serial ECGs focusing on the inferior leads and aVL. Can you guess the sequence? First, what’s the interpretation of each ECG on its own? #1 There’s T wave inversion in III/aVF and a taller T wave in aVL and V2. On it’s own this is nonspecific, but in the right context this could be diagonal occlusion (if active chest pain) or infero-posterior reperfusion (if resolved chest pain). #2 Normal ECG #3

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The New NREMT Exams

The EMS Educator

On July 1, 2024, the NREMT will transition from the current psychomotor examinations to the new AEMT Certification Examination and new Paramedic Certification Examination. According to the NREMT, this will "bring Paramedic and AEMT examinations in line with most other health-based professions, which have made similar updates in recent years, and matches the best research and science that’s currently available.

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ReBaked Morsel on Asthma Control – The 2020 NIH Asthma Management Guidelines

Pediatric EM Morsels

Knowing how to manage a severe asthma exacerbation in the ER is a vital ingredient to being a successful ER doctor, but what about the more mild cases? The kids with a history of wheezing that are at the start of a viral URI but not yet in the midst of an exacerbation? What recommendations should we be giving these families? Lucky for us, in 2020 there were some updates made to the NIH Asthma Management Guidelines and we’re going to discuss which ones can help us in the Emergency Department!