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Episode 72: CPR-induced consciousness with Jack Howard

Critical Care Scenarios

The first response in many people seeing CPRIC will be to stop CPR and assume they’ve made a mistake about loss of pulses. There was general agreement by the panel that ketamine should be used as first-line for CPRIC. However, there are also ethical questions about patient suffering. *

CPR 124
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Resources for Pipeline Safety, Preparedness, and Response


The NVFC and PHMSA have partnered to offer the following resources through the Fire Department Pipeline Response, Emergency Planning, and Preparedness (FD PREPP) initiative. Webinar: Pipeline Safety and Emergency Response – Join live on April 17 at 2pm ET or watch the recording later.


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Marty Scott

Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

As the Executive Director of EMS Provincial Programs at Alberta Health Services, Marty is responsible for leading province-wide portfolios that include dispatch, air ambulance, Medical First Response, logistics, EMS emergency management, clinical quality & patient safety, training, research, and strategy.

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Understanding mental clarity in recovery

First Responder Wellness

First responders are particularly prone to extended bouts of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, these episodes can go unnoticed as first response work often causes individuals coping with depression to suppress the symptoms to conduct themselves at work.

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(Q3/23)ESO Updates: Quarterly Product Enhancements


When these key data points are documented by the BLS or First Response team, they’ll now transfer over to the transporting unit’s chart for the hospital to view, eliminating the need for double documentation. EHR M2M Enhancements We have enhanced our Mobile2Mobile feature to include assessments, last known well, and symptom onset.