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The Evolution of Patient Load Balancing: The Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council


Trauma Service Areas, or TSAs) and Regional Advisory Councils (RACs, which are non-profit and tax-exempt) who develop regional EMS plans, provide related public information, provide a forum for EMS providers and hospitals to discuss TSA issues and network with other RACs, and track related data.

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Jennifer McIntyre

FirstNet Authority

In 2002, Jennifer transitioned to the Broomfield Police Department in Colorado where she dispatched and served as an Emergency Medical Coordinator, Communications Training Officer, Public Education Coordinator, and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Project Lead.

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EMS WEEK 2020: Aftermath

The Overrun

We need public information officers to take an active role in selling our profession. No one knows what we do, because no one can explain it. And stop throwing, “But, HIPAA”. We don’t need to give out names and addresses, (unless they’re OK with it). We just need to share our world a little bit.

EMS 52