Thu.May 23, 2024

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DOL Announces Final Rule Updating the Hazard Communication Standard

American Ambulance Association

This content is for AAA members only. Please either Log In or Join! The post DOL Announces Final Rule Updating the Hazard Communication Standard appeared first on American Ambulance Association.

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“Tranq Dope”: A New Menace


The North American opioid crisis is rapidly expanding, resulting in unprecedented levels of harm and strain on the healthcare system. The opioid epidemic is not new to ED providers across the country, but the true extent of harm is quite shocking. In Canada, there has been 40,642 apparent opioid toxicity deaths and 39,435 opioid-related hospitalizations […] The post “Tranq Dope”: A New Menace appeared first on EMOttawa Blog.

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What is a Yankauer Suction Catheter?


In 1907, otolaryngologist Sidney Yankauer revolutionized the world of medical suction with his eponymous Yankauer suction catheter. Dr. Yankauer worked at the outpatient surgery department of Mount Sinai Hospital and while there, this unassuming ENT specialist invented numerous pieces of medical equipment. Dr. Yankauer is hailed as a medical genius and admired for his prolific publishing output.

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The Evolution of Patient Load Balancing: The Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council


During major emergencies like earthquakes, floods, or mass shootings, health resources can quickly become overwhelmed, causing breakdowns in communication and coordination. Hospitals may reach capacity, leaving some patients stranded without adequate care and making it difficult for family or friends to locate them. These issues are exacerbated in large-scale incidents affecting entire regions or states.

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ToxCard: Osmol Gap – Part 1


Authors: Travis Mok, MD (@tkcm01 on Threads, Emergency Medicine Resident, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School); Cynthia Santos, MD (Emergency Medicine Attending, Medical Toxicologist, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) // Reviewed by: Anthony Spadaro, MD (@TSpadaro91, Medical Toxicology Fellow, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ); James Dazhe Cao, MD (@JamesCaoMD, Associate Professor of EM, Medical Toxicology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX); Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK); Br

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Episode 110: EMS WEEK with Dr. Zaffer Qasim

The Overrun Podcast

Summary In this episode, Dr. Zaf Qasim discusses advances in medical resuscitation and the future of cardiac arrest care. The conversation covers topics such as compression-only CPR, the controversy surrounding head-up CPR, the use of band and piston-driven devices, and the potential of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (eCPR). The importance of good dispatch and patient selection is emphasized as key factors in improving outcomes.

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